Virtual Group for Massage Therapists

| Pandemic Lifeline

Your Feelings & Experience Matter! Now, more than ever, this is a time for support and collaboration! According Bessel van der Kolk, MD, a pioneer in the field of psychology and neuroscience, isolation from others can make it harder to feel safe and happy. Add the current situation to the mix and we really need […]

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Ready For Sheet Service?

| Upgrade Your Practice

There will be a point in your career when you may ask yourself – am I ready for a sheet service? There are many points to consider and hopefully this will help you navigate your way through the process. What I Did Before Sheet Service I had access to  a coin operated washer/dryer in my  building […]

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Your Massage Table – New or Used?

| Starting Out Right

Whether you are buying your first Massage table or wanting to upgrade your existing one I suggest reading this blog first! My first massage table in 1992 was brand spanking new. To save on the shipping cost I made the 3-hour journey to pick it up myself and have the added bonus of a tour […]

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