Emergency Cash Plan for Massage Therapists in Crisis

Pandemic Lifeline

In the midst of an unprecedented crisis that is hitting our nation and world hard, many industries are feeling the pinch. Massage Therapists, whose livelihood depends entirely on close contact, are being told to stop their practice and close their doors. So how does a Massage Therapist survive through this temporary and unplanned hiatus? 

How I'm Paying My Bills

At first, of course, we all thought it would be just a couple of weeks of interrupted pay. Yet when it became obvious that life was not going to go back to normal that quickly, I knew I had to find a different way forward. 

I decided to email my clients directly to let them know that I anticipated being back to work at some point in the future and I invited them to pre-purchase massages for when we were all back together again.

I called it a "lemonade sale" since life has certainly been giving us some lemons lately!

To encourage them to buy these gift certificates, I offered some 'up-sells' to sweeten the pot a little. I don't normally do these add-ons, but to thank them for supporting me through this tough time, I offered to add 10 minutes onto their regular time with the choices of a peppermint foot treatment, a lavender and orange Indian Head Massage, or an aromatherapy treatment.

What could you offer your clients with 10 minutes of extra time?

The response was far beyond any hope or expectation I held.  And here's what I learned: Our clients adore us and want to support us. They miss us and are just as stressed out as we are. They understand the difficult position our industry is in and they want to make sure we survive to massage another day. 

Get a "Copy-And-Paste" Email You Can Use Today

Would you like to grab a copy similar to the one I successfully used with my clients last week?  You can copy and paste it into your own email, add in your own personal information, and send it out in a matter of minutes.  You'll be amazed at the response you get! 

Enter your name and email address below to get immediate access to this valuable PDF file you can implement immediately within your own practice.

And remember to be grateful in all things.

Even though we are all challenged today, you have the support of your clients, other massage therapists, and Signature Session.  

Let us know in the comments what you're most grateful for today!

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