Ready For Sheet Service?

Upgrade Your Practice

There will be a point in your career when you may ask yourself - am I ready for a sheet service? 

There are many points to consider and hopefully this will help you navigate your way through the process.

What I Did Before Sheet Service

I had access to  a coin operated washer/dryer in my  building for about 10 years - then one day it broke and it was decided to take it out - all my quarters no longer needed. I carted my sheets back and forth to my home.  Until one day I said - no more - and I started looking into other options. 

Time For Sheet Service!

At this point in my career I was pretty sure as to how many clients I saw in a given 1 2 3 or 4 week period - with mainly repeat clients, those I knew would be calling + the addition of some new ones I was able to make a pretty sure guess as to how many clients I would be seeing every few weeks.

Generally the way the sheet service works you commit to a certain number of sheets every week ,2, 3 or 4 week period - you pay for the sheets regardless of whether you use them so for therapists just starting up with sporadic bookings it would not be a worthwhile commitment.

The sheet service supplies you with the sheets - usually flat only - as their fitted ones are too big for a massage table.  That suits me fine, with the flat sheet on the bottom it is much easier to slide in your neck, shoulder and knee bolsters - utilizing the sheet and not needing to use pillowcases.

They have several ways to calculate the cost - I have gone back and forth over the years with choosing different plans.

Before making any phone calls  I highly recommend going to your local massage school and asking them who they use for their sheet service and how much they pay per sheet. -They were happy to tell me and  gave me their price per sheet. 

I called them up and introduced myself and mentioned I was an alumni of the massage school and that I had my own business and would like to start using a sheet service - I would love it if they could honor the price they gave the school.  They did right out of the gate - It was really easy - But you have to ask in the first place.

Basically the more often the sheets are delivered the lower the price per sheet - 

However there is a little catch with every delivery. There is also an environmental charge and delivery charge tacked on - so I calculated that if I had the service come once a month I would save on those charges - Well not quite….. they have to make their money somewhere, the price of each sheet goes up if you only have them delivered monthly !

Currently I have them deliver to me every 2 weeks - it works really well for my client load (15 per week) - I am usually spot on with the amount of sheets I use - with all charges,fees etc I pay around $1 per sheet - so for every client I spend $2 on sheets.

Life With Sheet Service

For me it's totally worth it - barely able to keep up with my own and kids laundry the thought of also tackling the laundry for the  amount of clients I now see would be pure overload ! 

I am usually with a client when Gavin arrives every other Thursday morning - I hear him in the hallway opening up the closet - taking out all the used sheets, squashed into large yellow bags and replacing them with lovely folded, pressed, fresh ones packed in sets of 10 - its a lovely feeling stacking up this new delivery of sheets in my treatment room - knowing that for the next 2 weeks I will be well stocked with nothing else to have to think about, except perhaps, my own!