Back And Neck Warmer

Back And Neck Warmer


Our most versatile therapeutic pac.  Filled with the same quality grains as our Body Shawl this innovative, heatable pack  has several functions – primarily designed to use along the spine during your session it also doubles up perfectly to use around the neck when needed.

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Unlike our Body Shawl that is used when your client initially gets on the table, our focused back and neck warmer helps to deliver a wonderful moist heat while in the prone position.

Our exclusive back strip is designed to warm, soften, and prepare  muscle groups down the back, however it can also be used along the lower back or draped around the shoulders if needed.

It’s unique accordion design, not only makes it a ‘one size fits all’ product as you are able to easily fold sections over one another for use with shorter clients or children and full length for larger clients but it also makes for easy stacking and placement in your towel warmer.

Always have one on hand in your towel warmer for those awkward moments when you may be running a little late – apologies are appreciated but draping our back and neck warmer around your client’s neck and saying you will be right with them, is worth its weight is gold. They will thank you for having them wait! And will probably want to purchase one for home use – without a towel warmer a microwave would be sufficient.

Instructions: Warm the Back and Neck Warmer in your towel warmer along with a pillow case. Put a warmed pillowcase on the client’s back before placing the warmed strip on the client. The Back and Neck Warmer can be spot cleaned only; we suggest using our Decon30.

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Weight 38.4 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 4 in