Back Shawl

Back Shawl


Our Back Shawl is filled with quality grains and spices for a soothing all-over comfort with a subtle aroma when warmed in our towel warmer. With a generous size of 20” x 28” it fits perfectly on your massage table under the bottom sheet for an amazing warmth your client will love all year long!

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The Back Shawl makes a wonderful addition to your massage table. 

One of the top reasons clients do not re-book is that they are cold at some point during a session.  Using our Back Shawl your clients will LOVE lying down on an oasis of warmth. Use all year long – not just for the colder months.

 This wonderful moist heat starts to loosen and relax tight muscles before the session has even begun. 

The perfect alternative to the use of an electric heating pad which emits ELF’s (extremely low magnetic field). Muscle testing has shown that even turned off the body is still weakened when draped with an unplugged electric blanket.

Instructions: The back shawl can be spot cleaned only. (this should be on video)

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Weight 75.2 oz
Dimensions 9.5 × 8 × 3.5 in