Half Moon Pillow

Half Moon Pillow


Exclusive ‘half-moon’ memory foam pillow specifically designed for maximum comfort and support in any position. It comes with a protective hand made organic color-grown cotton cover

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Our exclusive half-moon pillow is designed for relaxing support in any position, your clients will love and appreciate it.

 Conventional pillows are often too hard or too soft and offer little if any support and comfort in the supine or side position.

Our Half-Moon Pillow, in conjunction with the 2- layer pad, is strongly suggested for side positioning. It is imperative for the comfort and alignment of your client. Our ergonomic shape helps maintain the natural curve of the neck for proper support and comfort.

Additionally, it gives you easy access to the upper back, neck, and shoulder muscles allowing for perfect body mechanics.  This area is seldom worked by other therapists at this angle, due to the challenging access with a regular pillow.

It comes with a protective, removable, and washable 100% organic color-grown pillow cover.  

Our pillow is also sized perfectly to be space efficient on your work counter.

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Weight 19.2 oz
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 5.5 in