Himalayan Salt Bowl with Professional Salt Stones

Himalayan Salt Bowl with Professional Salt Stones


Our exclusive salt bowl and massage salt stone kit has been designed for the professional Massage Therapist.  

Our patent pending bowl has been meticulously designed and carved  to enable the massage stones to warm up sufficiently to incorporate them with your massage . 

Each kit includes everything you need to start using hot salt stones in your practice today!



Incorporating  salt stones with your massage practice will be one of the best decisions of your career.  Our founder has been incorporating these stones with her work for the past 13 years, having worked and taught in spas, gyms, her own office and now the local hospital, there is nowhere that these stones are not loved and appreciated by all who experience them. 

 It is our mission here at Signature Session to supply these amazing stones at an affordable price for every Massage therapist who chooses to incorporate them in their work.

We source directly from a local artisan in Pakistan where each bowl and salt stone is handcrafted with care, precision and pride.  They have been supplying us with genuine Himalayan salt stones for over 12 years.

No need to learn a whole new protocol or take hours of training – these warm stones are designed to use as needed, in your hands at a moments notice, blending quickly and flawlessly into your massage routine enhancing your clients experience of your work.

Each kit includes:-

  •  Hand crafted salt bowl 
  • Rosewood base 
  • 6 professional massage stones,
  • ½ inch thick salt disk 
  • Dimmer cord, 
  • Protection cage
  • Incandescent bulb

Everything you need to start using hot salt stones in your practice today!

New for us is the grey salt bowl, much darker than the pink/coral color – with its high iron content it makes it a perfect choice for deep tissue work as the stones retain their heat longer than their lighter colored counterparts.

  • These warm stones create an incomparable experience your clients will love that is easily incorporated into your massage routine
  • Himalayan salt crystal’s 84 trace elements are soothing and healing for the skin
  • Add this incredible service to each massage at no extra cost to your client
  • No preparation needed – to warm, just plug the cord into your nearest outlet
  • An illuminated bowl is a unique piece of art that will beautify your room
  • Salt stones emit healthy, rejuvenating ions that create a feeling of cheer and well-being
  • Very easy clean up with our Decon 30 natural botanical spray



Salt by its nature is hygroscopic which means it pulls in moisture from the air around it.  We therefore suggest our salt bowls at all times be in a temperature regulated environment and never placed in or near a bathroom/shower area. 

If humidity levels rise your bowl will start to ‘sweat’ as it pulls in the moisture around it causing it to become rough and possibly crumble and crack.

Bowl and massage stone kit – includes 6 professional massage stones, 1oz bottle Jojoba, 2 oz cleaning spray+ microfiber cloth – everything you need to incorporate it into your practise today!

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 10 in

Pink, Gray